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ISG Insights™ is a subscription research service that provides continuous access, insight and guidance that is easily customized to meet client requirements. Clients subscribe to one or more Knowledge Centers based on their interests and responsibilities, and gain access to a baseline foundation of additional research deliverables.

ISG Insights is provided on an annual subscription basis and includes uninterrupted access to our premium published research, as well as advisory support through scheduled telephone inquiry with ISG Insights’ team of senior industry analysts and advisors. ISG Insights clients also receive tickets to upcoming ISG executive events and other value-add components.

What You Get

ISG Insights™ provides forward-looking research and guidance spanning industry trends, business IT disruptors, strategic sourcing, provider governance, digital business, and next-gen business IT strategy and planning. We are experts in helping our clients build lasting strategies that leverage emerging technologies such as Cognitive Computing / Data Science, IoT and Robotics Automation (among others) – all foundational elements that are enabling the Boundary-free Enterprise™ and the transition to Digital Business. ISG Insights™ provides an unbiased and balanced view that is valued by both enterprise leaders and providers of technology-enabled products and services.

Annual subscriptions to ISG Insights™ include:

  • Access to one or more Knowledge Centers tailored to specific interests and responsibilities – with a bevy of research deliverables including Research Notes, Digital Disruptor Reports, Leadership Reports and Market Insights Reports
  • A foundational research library that includes all published Briefing Notes and ISG Provider Lens - Profiles, our weekly Research Alerts and ISG Provider Lens - Briefs, as well as our ongoing Cloud Comparison Index and Automation Index Reports
  • Telephone and message-based Inquiry with experienced analysts and advisors
  • Interactive, virtual and on-site workshops
  • Complementary admission to exclusive Executive Events (enterprise clients only)

Our three Knowledge Centers include:

What We Deliver

  • Forward-looking business IT decision support to reduce time, mistakes, and cost 
  • Deep understanding of the digital transformation journey, key challenges and best practices 
  • Unmatched knowledge and presence within enterprise IT, and enterprise IT providers 
  • Ongoing research programs providing fact-based insights and guidance on enterprise IT management, sourcing, adoption, adaptation and innovation 
  • Deep expertise on IT cost and change, including data centers, workloads, migration, sourcing, procurement, governance 
  • Unrivaled research-driven, fact-based guidance on next-gen, disruptive enterprise IT developments, trends, factors, and forces 
What You Get

Common Core, plus:

    – Leadership Insights (4-5 pg., 48/yr.)
    – Leadership / Mgmt. Reports (10-50 pg., 3/yr.)
    – Briefing Notes (1-2 pg., 24-26/yr.)
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Virtual and Onsite Workshops

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